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I got the chance to play some Halo: Reach online yesterday. I do love me some shooty action, but playing online is always a mixed bag. There are some not-fun types out there that love nothing more than to cuss you out or – perhaps worse – scream nonsense into the mic until your ears bleed.*

Yesterday, though, I had the pleasure of playing with several people that just made my day.

The icecreamKi Gamertag A hilarious South-African-turned-Aussie.

Cruzon63 GamertagCruzona63 Gamertag

A brother and sister who play together.

Son of Attack Gamertag

killawat55 Gamertag And several other fun chaps.

In a world of griefers and sore losers, you guys stood out. Thank you for a good time. Stay awesome.

And a special thanks to Cruzona63 for the shoutout! That warmed my heart.


*I try to give people a chance before I mute them. I think I’m too generous, sometimes.