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Accountability: Rough, but Necessary

I hate being wrong. Even so, I know I sometimes need people to call me out when I am.

On Wednesday of last week, I taught the Bible study. We talked about one of the hardest but most necessary means of spiritual growth: accountability.

Do you have someone that will tell you when you’re messing up? Someone you’ll actually listen to?

Accountability (.mp3)

I had a feeling that the conversation would cover a range of toics, so I tried organizing my notes a little differently than I usually do. They are below.



So, we’re gonna continue through this period of Israel’s history when the kingdom is split in two. We have the Kingdom of Israel in the north and Judah in the south. You heard about Elijah a couple weeks ago. Elijah was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom Israel and had some trouble with King Ahab and his wife, who are doing a very poor job of following God and leading the nation. ┬áIn fact, in this period of Israel’s history there were lots of ups and downs as far as following God, from King to king, or even for individual Kings.


During this period, God sent prophets to the kings of Israel and Judah to try to keep them and the people on track. Or, at the very least, accountable for the bad choices they were making.

Have you ever had a friend call you out on something you were doing wrong?

Did it ever save you a lot of trouble? Still, was it hard? Read the rest of this entry


Fail Better

I tried recording a podcast this morning for my day job. I moved our Mac Mini to an empty office, plugged in our shiny new Blue Snowball, and fired up Garage Band. My subject matter expert did great: very articulate. Good info. It looked like we were on our way to a respectable episode one.

Here’s where we were recording. Anyone who has any experience with recording audio could tell you how it sounded when I hit play.

My first attempt at a recording setup in a spare office at my day job.

Small room. Flat walls. No good.

The echo gave the recording a little bit more of an epic fantasy feel than we intended. I’m gonna have to re-record the whole thing in a better environment. Preferably somewhere without close, flat walls.

Say it with me: FAIL.

That particular four-letter F-word has crept into my vocabulary over the last few years, thanks to the Internet. It’s the verbal equivalent of the game show buzzer. We see it stamped unceremoniously on pictures that make us feel better about themselves. Hey, it’s good for a laugh. I don’t even know how many hours I’ve spend on FAIL Blog.

My problem with calling FAIL on someone is that it has an air of finality.

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