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Apologetics Double-Feature!

No Rocky Horror reference intended.

Here is the audio from the past two weeks of my apologetics series at Crossroads. Last week, we discussed the Church. Is it just an antiquated religious institution, or something more?

Apologetics: the Church (.mp3 | .m4a)

This week, we talked about the clash between science and Christianity. Do you have to pick one and discard the other?

Apologetics: Science (.mp3 | .m4a)

I’ll have one more lesson in the series. Then, I’ll be preaching in the main service on the 12th. After that, I’ll get back to regular blog posts.

There will be some other changes around the site soon. Good stuff, I promise.

Below are the lessons as written.


Today, we’ll be discussing the church. Now, I’m well aware that I hardly need to defend the church to a group that actually shows up for a 9:00 Sunday School class. What we’ll focus on this morning is arguments we can use to defend the church to two groups of people.

Now, what do we mean by church? Some of us still think of the building. More likely, we think of the Sunday morning service. I’m not really talking about either of those. What I mean, basically, is the body of believers: the Church. That may look somewhat different in different denominations, or areas of the world, or cultures. That’s fine.

First, we’ll speak to the believers who say they don’t need to be part of the church to be Christian. That’s technically true, in a sense. If you’re in solitary confinement, for example, and are prevented from meeting with other Christians. Read the rest of this entry


Apologetics: The Problem of Evil

In this morning’s Sunday School class, I tackled one of the most troublesome questions in religion and philosophy: why is there evil in the world?

To hear my answer, click the links below. To save either file for later listening, right-click the link and select Save Link As… or Save Target As….

Apologetics: The Problem of Evil (.mp3 | .m4a)

Feel free to argue with me in the comments or send me an e-mail!

Below is the lesson as written.


Today, we’ll talk about what may be the biggest philosophical question people struggle with day-to-day: the problem of evil. Whereas some people will look into the historicity of the Bible, and some will dig into deep theological issues, everyone wrestles with this issue. Everyone has had something bad happen to them, and frankly, everyone has done something bad to someone else. We feel the impact of evil every day. It affects our lives. And it’s often one of the issues that keeps people distant from God.

We’re going to talk about the philosophy of evil this morning. But before we do, we have to recognize that this is a very emotional issue for some people. Some people have been hurt very badly – either by other people, or just by circumstances, or even their own choices – and they’re angry with God because of it. Read the rest of this entry

God’s Presence isn’t Always Comfy

I taught the Bible study at Crossroads last Wednesday.

I think Christians often think of “being in God’s presence” as comforting and peaceful by definition. It isn’t always. If we expect Him to guide us, and change us, we’ll experience Him more deeply and avoid a lot of angst.

Here’s the audio.

God’s Presence Isn’t Always Comfy (.mp3 | .m4a)

Below is the lesson as written.


We spend a lot of time talking about the presence of God. Seeking it. We know it’s important. But what does it really mean to be in the presence of God?

What do you think?

We may think of it as a feeling of peace. An attitude of worship. Maybe being able to hear His leading or correction. All those things are good signs that you’re in His presence.

When someone is present, what does that mean? They’re right there. They’re in your immediate area. When we talk about God’s presence, we’re usually speaking in spiritual and emotional terms. There was a time in the Old Testament when they spoke of God’s presence in physical terms. Read the rest of this entry

Apologetics: Intro

I’m teaching a class on apologetics at my church. It’s Sunday morning at 9:15 am, for the next few weeks.  Here’s the first lesson!

Apologetics: Intro (.mp3 | .m4a)

I invite your comments.

Below is the lesson as written.


The idea behind apologetics is to offer a defense of the faith. The idea is to use well-formed, well-founded arguments to demonstrate the truth of Christianity.

The idea is not simply to win arguments. It shouldn’t be our goal to use this approach to pick intellectual fights just so we can feel smart. Apologetics is not for beating down people who disagree with us. Read the rest of this entry