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The First Noel, 2010

I’m home, after a long day of family, food, and flying wrapping paper. I’m tired, but satisfied. I’ve had some of both sides of Christmas: the sacred and the secular.

I hope you guys had an awesome day, and an awesome December besides. And I wanted to give you this.

I posted a story back in 2004 on my first blog. It was a retelling of the Christmas story, set in modern times. I got a lot of good feedback on it, so I’ve reposted it a few times, here and there. I think it might be time again.

Click here to head over to Paperangel Press, my fiction site, to enjoy “The First Noel, 2010.”

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Start ’em Early

Soon, she will pwn you.


Anyone remember my rant on achievements? How I said they’re not to be taken seriously? How they’re not that big a deal?

I spent hours getting this:

Here’s what you have to do to get it:

It was really hard.

…don’t judge me.

Add to Friends List

I got the chance to play some Halo: Reach online yesterday. I do love me some shooty action, but playing online is always a mixed bag. There are some not-fun types out there that love nothing more than to cuss you out or – perhaps worse – scream nonsense into the mic until your ears bleed.*

Yesterday, though, I had the pleasure of playing with several people that just made my day.

The icecreamKi Gamertag A hilarious South-African-turned-Aussie.

Cruzon63 GamertagCruzona63 Gamertag

A brother and sister who play together.

Son of Attack Gamertag

killawat55 Gamertag And several other fun chaps.

In a world of griefers and sore losers, you guys stood out. Thank you for a good time. Stay awesome.

And a special thanks to Cruzona63 for the shoutout! That warmed my heart.


*I try to give people a chance before I mute them. I think I’m too generous, sometimes.